New Program Helping People Turn Their Lives Around In Hancock County

A new organization is helping people turn their lives around in Hancock County.

Welcome To A New Life goes into the Hancock County Jail and meets with inmates and offers them help in living a crime-free, drug-free life.

“We have learned that they have little respect for themselves, they think they are unrespected in this community,” said Puck Rowe, of the group’s co-founders.

“However, they want a new life. They don’t want that image and they want to move forward.”

He says everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves some help.

“We need to help them feel more positive about themselves and the only way we can do that is by working through mentors and with the help of everyone involved.”

He says the program will help lessen the overcrowding at the jail and at the same time put people on a path to becoming a productive member of society.

He says, while the program has had its success stories and failures since it began in November 2018, it’s garnering positive feedback from people in the Hancock County criminal justice system like judges and parole officers. Sheriff Michael Heldman is on the group’s board.

Rowe says the program needs more mentors to help it become a sustaining success.

Stan Kujawa is the group’s other co-founder.

Learn more about the program, its founders, and how you can be a part of it here.