Ohio Bill Would Ban Handheld Devices While Driving, Make Distracted Driving Primary Offense

Ohio lawmakers are looking at a new bill which, if enacted, would ban using handheld devices while driving.

State Representative Mary Lightbody introduced the legislation with the aim of both banning handheld devices and making it a primary offense.

If made a primary offense, police officers would be able to cite a driver for using a handheld device without any other traffic violations haven taken place.

Cathy Richeson, of Granville, agrees with the new bill wholeheartedly.

Her son, Nathan, a captain with the air national guard, was hit and killed in 2014 by a woman who was texting while driving.

Cathy says people don’t understand what a selfish act distracted driving is.

“So, we need to have laws in place so that is clearly understood and we make this world a safer place to live.”

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, in 2018, distracted driving directly accounted for nearly 50 deaths across the state.