Ohio EPA Sites Sunny Farms For Missing Deadline

3/6/19 – 5:20 A.M.

The Ohio EPA has cited the Sunny Farms Landfill for missing a deadline to take action to reduce odors from the facility. The landfill had until February 28th to cover parts of the facility not accepting waste with three feet of dirt. In a statement, Ohio EPA Director Laurie Stevenson said, “their failure to take action under the orders that were just issued to them demonstrates to the agency that they are not taking seriously their responsibility to reduce odors.”

The Ohio EPA has referred the case to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for review.

Sunny Farms Landfill regional sales manager Ben Nutter talked about the issue at Tuesday’s city council meeting. Nutter says due to freezing and thawing ground conditions, they weren’t able to cover a small section. He adds that the section is now covered.

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