Poll Workers Needed In Hancock County

3/23/18 – 5:16 A.M.

The May primary is approaching soon, and the Hancock County Board of Elections needs poll workers. Elections board Director Jody O’Brien, a Republican, and Deputy Director Lori Miller, a Democrat, both say they need about 35 party members to work the polls on May 8. They’ve sent around 800 emails trying to find people interested in helping out.

The board of elections pays poll workers $140 and the location manager receives $160 for the day. How the precinct voted in the last governor’s race determines who will be the location manager. If the precinct leaned Democrat, then a Democrat will be the location manager. The opposite is also true.

Poll workers also have to take part in a training session before the election. For more information on working the polls, you can call (419)422-3245.

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