President Trump Making Campaign Stop In Toledo

President Trump’s long-awaited Toledo campaign stop happens tonight (Thursday).

The president and Vice President Mike Pence will headline a rally at the Huntington Center.

Several people camped outside the arena overnight in hopes of getting a front-row seat for the event.

City officials say the rally will create traffic headaches downtown, with parts of Madison Avenue, St. Clair Street, Jefferson Avenue and Huron Street closing at 10 a.m.

People with tickets are urged to arrive early for the 7 p.m. rally because of traffic, limited parking and security checkpoints.

Doors open at 3.

Toledo-area residents have mixed feelings about Trump’s campaign rally.

Democrats and activist groups are planning protests around the Huntington Center to oppose the president’s policies and personality.

Meantime, downtown restaurant owners are preparing for a lot of foot traffic with people traveling to Toledo from miles away to see the president.