Several Agencies Collect Fees From Sunny Farms Landfill

2/27/19 – 5:29 A.M.

After years of dealing with the odor from the Sunny Farms Landfill, many residents in Seneca County and Fostoria would like to see the facility shutdown. However, that would have negative consequences too. That’s because the landfill operator pays fees to Loudon Township and the Ottawa Seneca Sandusky Solid Waste District among others.

Loudon Township gets $25,000 from the landfill. Township Trustee Roger Holman says the money helps pay for road maintenance. However, he adds, “That’s not a replacement for the quality of life where you can’t have a cookout in the backyard without worrying about which way the wind’s going to blow.”

The Seneca County Health District meets at 6 p.m. Thursday at the University of Tiffin’s Franks Hall. The landfill’s operating license could be at stake during the meeting.

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