Severe Blood Shortage Due To Coronavirus Threat

Hospitals are currently facing a severe blood shortage and donors are urgently needed.

The Red Cross says it has had to cancel thousands of blood drives due to the coronavirus threat.

“Across the country we have canceled more than 4,500 blood drives, resulting in 150,000 fewer pints,” said the Red Cross’ Christy Peters.

She says 16 blood drives have been canceled in northwest Ohio.

A blood drive was held on Thursday at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on South Main Street in Findlay.

Donors had their temperature taken immediately to make sure they weren’t coming down with something.

If their temp was fine they were able to enter the blood drive where they went through additional screening before they were able to donate.

The beds are also being placed further apart and everything is getting thoroughly wiped down.

The Red Cross says it’s actually been seeing more donors at the blood drives they’ve had lately.

On Wednesday, a drive was held at Parkview Church in Findlay and more than 70 people donated, where typically that number would be 30-40.

And officials said the turnout on Thursday at St. Mark’s was good as well.

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