“We Will Get Through This” Governor Asks Ohioans To Display American Flag

Governor DeWine in his Thursday coronavirus update asked Ohioans to show their patriotism and solidarity by displaying their American Flag.

“I’m asking Ohioans today to put their American flags out! We will get through this.”

He’s asking everyone to display their American Flag as a show of solidarity in defeating this hidden enemy.

As of Thursday, there were 119 confirmed cases in 24 counties. The closest to Hancock County is one case in Lucas County.

The governor said the rumors about the National Guard quarantining people in their homes, martial law, is not true.

“They are not involved in carrying weapons. You may see them carrying groceries.”

The governor says the grocery store supply chain is intact and it’s because of the excess demand that some items aren’t on the shelves.

“They can only go so fast, so if we crowd the stores, we create a problem for everyone else.”

The governor continues to remind people to wash their hands and to avoid contact with other people.

“Regarding shelter in place – we’ve already asked people to shelter in place if they can. We’ve asked people to stay home if they can. Some of this is just terminology. If there is no good reason to be out – stay home.”

A coronavirus testing center has been set up at Blanchard Valley Hospital. Get more on that here.