Signs And Advice For Handling Farm Stress

10/22/19 – 10:05 A.M.
Farmers will go through good years and bad years and, unfortunately, this year has been a bad one. Hancock County OSU extension educator Ed Lentz said that most farmers will be getting stressed.
Lentz added that the stress is far from over. Farmers will have to face stress again when it comes time for harvest and while looking at the financial forecast for next year.
With that in mind, family and consumer sciences educator Emilee Drerup said that farmers should keep an eye on symptoms.
Drerup said that physically, you might have a racing heart, fatigue, or shortness of breath.
She adds that managing stress in a healthy manner is important. You’ll want to avoid over or undereating, alcohol and drug abuse, and other unhealthy forms of stress management.
She said that you can go to Michigan State University‘s website to get helpful information on healthy stress management techniques.