Trial Of Former Hilty Home Employee Underway

11/6/18 – 9:14 A.M.

The trial of a former employee of the Hilty Home in Pandora began Monday. 32-year-old Megan Schnipke is facing a felony forgery charge, as well as charges of gross patient neglect and patient neglect stemming from the death of Phyllis Campbell last January.

Prosecutors opened their case by saying the nursing home and Schnipke failed Campbell on the night she wandered out of the home and suffered from hypothermia. Defense attorney Robert Grzybowski (GRIB-OW-ski) argued that Schnipke is not criminally liable and that two other Hilty Home employees who have already pleaded guilty are to blame.

37-year-old Rachel Friesel and 30-year-old Destini Fenbert pleaded guilty to forgery and gross patient neglect charges in August. Judge Keith Schierloh (SHIRE-low) sentenced both to 60 days in the Putnam County jail.

The prosecution said Schnipke could have asked another employee to keep watch while she worked with another resident. Grzybowski said Schnipke’s responsibilities “didn’t require her to monitor the STNAs.” He added that it was up to the STNAs to check on Campbell.

The trial continues today.

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