Man Restores DeLorean, Considering Making It Into Time Machine

While we didn’t see Marty McFly or Doc Brown, that was definitely a DeLorean we saw driving around Findlay on Saturday.

Curiosity got the better of us, so we tracked it down in the parking lot of a Findlay restaurant and talked with the owner.

It turned out that Craig Reinbrecht, from Sylvania, had a man from Delaware restore his DeLorean, and they were meeting halfway for the hand-off.

Craig was gracious enough to talk with us for a few minutes as he was getting familiar with his newly restored DeLorean.

“You know, they always fascinated me when they first came out, and like a lot of DeLorean owners will tell you, the movie Back To The Future just created a love for the car.”

He says his original intention was to buy a DeLorean and turn it into a time machine just like in the movie, but now he thinks he’ll just enjoy it as a DeLorean for a while.

Craig is a member of the DeLorean Club of Ohio and says fellow members have warned him about the attention the car brings.

“They say to always give yourself extra time if you’re driving your DeLorean to the store because it attracts a crowd.”

And then was evident while we were speaking with Craig and plenty of people drove by, and some got out to take a look and to talk to him about his unique ride.

We couldn’t leave Craig without asking about his favorite line from Back To The Future.

“Wait a minute Doc, are you telling me that you built a time machine out of a DeLorean?!”

Matt Demczyk (WFIN)